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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is God a Christian?

Attacking historic Christianity sells a lot of books. Just ask Sam Harris, Brian McLaren, and Rob Bell. No stranger to attacking Christianity is Southern-Baptist-turned-pluralist R. Kirby Godsey. This book should be noted because, although the author repudiates about every Christian doctrine, he is still a major player in moderate Baptistdom. For this reason I recommend Albert Mohler’s review of Mr. Godsey’s new book, Is God a Christian?, at AlbertMohler.com. Here’s how the review begins:

“Most Christians assume that Christianity is the one and only religion that is God-inspired and that carries the imprimatur of God’s blessing,” laments R. Kirby Godsey. In his new book, Is God a Christian?, Godsey sets out to oppose that assumption and to argue that “the stakes for mankind have grown too high for any of us to engage our faith as if our understanding of God represents the only way God’s presence may be known in the world.”

The great question of the exclusivity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is necessarily bound up with the most central teachings of the Christian faith, which is why an argument like this must be considered so carefully. A closer look reveals that Godsey is not merely calling upon Christians to reconsider how we define and defend the Gospel — he is calling for a total reconstruction of everything that Christianity represents.

You can read the rest of the review here.



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