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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Notable Quote: James Motgomery Boice

Motgomery Boice (1938–2000) on the perseverance of the saints . . .

Men lack perseverance. Men start things and drop them. As men and women you and I are always beginning things that we never actually find time to finish. But God is not like that. God never starts anything that he does not finish. God perseveres. Has God begun something in your life? Have you been born again by the Spirit of God? Then you need not fear that you will ever be lost. You confidence should not be in yourself, neither in your faith nor in your spiritual successes in earlier days, but in God. It is He who calls us as Christians, He who leads us on in the Christian life, and He who most certainly will lead us home.

Philippians (Expositional Commentary)


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