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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Notable Quote: Louis Igou Hodges

Louis Igou Hodges on being brought into union with Christ . . .

This doctrine of the solidarity of the Christian with Christ underlies every step in the application of redemption. It is the central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation as well as of the entire Bible. All of Reformed theology at its best revolves around this single doctrine. Negatively this relation is not the union of essence described by the mystics, and at least a few “deeper life” advocates, in which the personality of the believer is annihilated or absorbed into the divine. Neither is the bond merely a moral relation of love and sympathy such as is shared by close friends. Positively it is a union formed by the Holy Spirit which is organic, life-giving (vital), indissoluble, and inscrutable. By virtue of this solidarity believers are reconciled to God and possess the continuously transforming power of the life of Christ. It is also the basis of the spiritual unity and communion which believers share with one another and by which they form the body of Christ.

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