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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Do Some Ministers Wear Robes?

Ever wonder why some Protestant ministers wear robes when preaching? Dr. C. Matthew McMahon answers that question over at A Puritans Mind in an article title Why a Genevan Robe?

. . . it surrounds a need for the preacher and congregation to be reminded, constantly, that the office of the minister is to be regarded with a submissive attention to his work as the preacher of God’s Word. There is a great difference between John Calvin asking his congregation to listen respectably to “John Calvin”, and listening heartily to the Word of God. . . .

When the minister of the Word of God stands in the pulpit while wearing a Genevan Robe, such an act demonstrates that “something is going on here that is eminently different” than normal. There is a more profound affect on the congregation to listen to the Word of God rather than the man, or how good the man looks, or whether his pants are creased well. The purpose is to detract from the person of the preacher, and to emphasize the office of the minister. The Genevan Robe is not worn to make him more prestigious than the rest of the blood-bought saints that come to corporate worship, nor is it to set him above the congregation in any way. Rather, the Genevan Robe reminds the congregation that he is “set apart” to work as a mouthpiece for the Word of God preached during worship. . . .



Blogger aurora said...

i feel that the rope is a symbol of a much greater thing that just a robe to have the congregation's attention..it is a symbol of armour.. the armour of god on a knight who stands firm against the enemy.

11:20 PM  

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