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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Notable Quote: Kim Riddlebarger

Kim Riddlebarger, pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, CA, and a cohost of the White Horse Inn radio program, on discerning the sings heralding the end of the age . . .

Given the nature of these signs that herald the end of the age, and the great delay in seeing them realized, what is the relationship between these signs of the end and the ability of believers to discern the times? What do we do with those scriptural statements regarding the imminence of Christ’s return, in light of those passages that speak of a delay regarding Christ’s second coming (i.e., Matt. 25:1–13)? We are told that specific signs clearly precede the end (Matt. 24:32), yet we are also told that the Lord can return at any moment (Matt. 24:37). No doubt, the tension between signs preceding the end and the suddenness of the Lord’s eventual return is intentional . For one thing, this tension prevents date-setting, since no man knows the date or the hour of the Lord’s return (Matt. 24:36). For another, this tension also prevents idleness on the part of God’s people. Since we do not know when the Lord will return, we must watch and wait just as Jesus instructed us to do (Matt. 24:42–44).

“You Are Here”: The Map of Redemptive History, Modern Reformation magazine, Volume 20, Number 1, Feb/Jan 2011

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