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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Disappointed by Jesus?

Using a fictional conversation between Joseph Barsabbas (lost the coin toss to Matthias, Acts 1:26) and a disappointed young man, the Desiring God blog offers some insightful comments about disappointment. Here’s how it begins:

How does God want us to deal with the emotion we call disappointment?

Joseph Barsabbas was disappointed by Jesus. Joseph was a candidate to replace Judas Iscariot as one of the Twelve, but when the lot was cast it “fell on Matthias” (Acts 1:26). I’ll bet that was a blow.

The Bible never mentions Joseph again. But tradition says he later became the Bishop of Eleutheropolis (32 miles southwest of Jerusalem) and died a martyr. Assuming that’s accurate, imagine what Joseph may have learned about disappointment and how he might have counseled a disappointed young disciple twenty years later.


Bishop Joseph looked at his sullen disciple. “You’re disappointed.”

“Yes,” replied Primus.


The answer seemed obvious. Primus suspected a teaching moment. “I was just hoping for the appointment to the Antioch church that Asher received.”

“Well, that’s the occasion of your disappointment. My question is why are you disappointed?”

You can read the rest of the conversation here.

--The Catechizer



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