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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Lies My Pastor Told Me

During a recent virtual spelunking expedition (surfing the Web), I ran across this gem: “Lies My Pastor Told Me.” I believe I encountered each of these false doctrines, in one form or another, during my wanderings in the spiritual wilderness from Egypt (non-belief and early post-conversion years) to the Promised Land (orthodox, historical biblical Christianity). Pastor Cole Brown, of Emmaus Church in Portland, Oregon, wrote this short book based on his experiences as a young believer. Here’s the list (parenthetical comments added):

  1. Don’t Put Your Mouth on the Man of God (don’t touch God’s anointed)

  2. The Bible is God’s Rulebook

  3. This (The local church building) is God’s House

  4. I Feel the Spirit (moving)

  5. I Have Peace About this Decision

  6. God Wants You to Be Rich

  7. That (that, or the other) Will Make You Sin

  8. Speak (or be careful not to speak) it Into Existence

  9. You’re Not Filled with the Holy Spirit if You Don’t Speak in Tongues

  10. That’s the Devil

  11. God Heals All Who Have Faith

  12. You Have a Generational Curse

  13. She’s Not Anointed

  14. Just Believe God

  15. Doctrine is Dangerous

You can download the free e-book (in PDF format) from Monergism.com here.

--The Deacon



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