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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Divvying Up the Writers of the 66

John Mark Reynolds takes up an interesting task over at First Things: Identify the Biblical writer’s denominational affiliation. Here’s how he kicks it off:

Ecumenical dialogue is important. One problem in discussions between Christians has been the failure to recognize that each group quotes different Biblical authors. We all know that Paul is a Protestant, for example, but few recognize that Paul himself can be divided between early Paul (hyper-Calvinist) and late Paul (Presbyterian).

Theologians, of course, have long known that Obadiah was a papist, but the rest of us have been clueless. For example, the shift of Jeremiah from Calvinism to Catholicism over the course of his life explains a great deal about the text.

Many problems related to our ignorance of denominational affiliation would be solved if the Biblical players came with a program. I have provided you one with a one sentence reason for the designation . . .

Here are a few of my favorites:

Joshua: Catholic
Why? Likes crusades and building shrines.

Court Chronicler: Anglican
Why? Only Christian group interested in sustained sucking up to monarchs.

Ezra: Southern Baptist
Why? Has a great church building program.

Esther: Pentecostal
Why? Good looking women leaders.

Mordecai: Pentecostal
Why? Guy willing to work with good looking women leaders.

Job: Calvinist
Why? Stuff happens, don’t complain.

Solomon (Proverbs): Evangelical
Why? Advice fits on church sign.

Paul: (Late Period, see II Timothy) Presbyterian
Why? Very mellow and more concerned about heritage than present.

James: Catholic.
Why? Luther hated him

You can read the entire list here.

--The Catechizer



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