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Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Vinci Movie Review

Melinda the Enforcer provides a helpful Da Vinci Code movie review over at the STR blog. One of the things she mentions is something that troubles me: Christians picketing in front of the theater. A similar seen was pictured in my local newspaper. As expected, the article made the picketers look silly (more accurately, the Christians made themselves look silly). Melinda offers a better way:

We saw quite a number of protesters as we left the theater - holding signs pleading moviegoers not to offend Jesus by seeing the movie, holding crucifixes. I sympathize with the motivation and sentiment. I don't like hearing what is sacred treated so badly. But I think these kinds of protests only play into stereotypes that damage Christianity's reputation among those we need to reach out to. Instead of demonstrating our offense, we should demonstrate the facts that support the claims of Christianity. The best reaction to this movie is information and education. Langdon and Teabing aren't the experts. We should be the experts, the one's with the best evidence. Persuasion is more effective than protests.

You can read the rest of the review here, “Da Vinci Movie Review.”

Joe from Arcadia

So many ridiculous claims, so little time. Others have done such a great job of debunking Dan Brown’s nonsense, that I have decided to leave it be—until now, that is. But only one little thing that I find amusing: the name of the book—The Da Vinci Code.

“Da Vinci” is not Leonardo’s (actually, it’s Lionardo) last name, for he had none. “Da Vinci” means “from Vinci.” Although he was probably born in nearby Anchiano, he was baptized in Vinci and later moved there. A modern equivalent would be something like “Joe from Arcadia.” When you think of it this way, it kind of makes the title silly: “The From Arcadia Code.”



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