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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girl and Snake to Wed? – Part 2 (Conclusion)

Will Any-old Revelation Do?

Kusum's father thinks that maybe this is a match made in heaven: "Maybe it is the wish of the God." The Reformation doctrine of Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) protects us from such nonsense.

Everything God wants us to know He has revealed in Holy Writ (Due. 29:29). His Word is objective (not open to private interpretation, 2 Pet. 1:20) and propositional (factual and logical). God speaks to us in this way because, as His image-bearers, our minds have been fashioned after His.

Therefore, if one of my daughters came to me with a request to be united with a reptile, I don’t need to consult doctors, talking serpents, tea leaves, or Ms. Cloe; all I need is to open God’s Word and, by faith, use the mental tools He gave me. It is there that I’ll meet with the Living God, and it is there that I’ll hear His voice.

“The Bible is something more than a body of revealed truths, a collection of books verbally inspired of God. It is also the living voice of God. The living God speaks through its pages. Therefore, it is not to be valued as a sacred object to be placed on a shelf and neglected, but as holy ground, where people’s hearts and minds may come into vital contact with the living, gracious and disturbing God.”

James Montgomery Boice

Moreover, because God is immutable (doesn’t change, Mal. 3:6), I know that His word won’t change either. What a glorious, covenant-keeping God we serve.

Update: Love Unrequited

I have sad news regarding the star-crossed lovers: apparently, suffering from cold feet (belly?), the snake has disappeared. Poor heartsick Kusum. But the ending is not totally sad—Kusum reports that the cobra is visiting her in her dreams. Does anyone know of an appropriate Hallmark card that I can send?

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