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Monday, March 17, 2008

The American Gospel by Jon Meacham

A few weeks ago, while on vacation, I ran across Jon Meacham on several news talk shows. The chief editor of Newsweek was discussing his book, The American Gospel. Because of my love for American history, particularly as it relates to our Christian heritage, the book piqued my interest.

Because of my interest in the book, I was glad to come across an insightful review by pastor Lee Johnson of First Reformed Church of Herreid South Dakota at his blog, Two-Edged Sword.
. . . The premise of the book is America has always had its own gospel, a religious center that allowed public religion (ie. invoking God), but favored no religion. Meacham proclaims that America is not a Christian nation, and that freedom and liberty ruled the founders not Christianity. The book reports to prove this theory. Sadly it fails on many fronts. It fails so bad in fact, I have to say it was an absolutely awful book. My major critics of this book fall into several major categories.

The major categories are as follows:

  • Stylistic
  • Scholarship
  • Theological
  • Political

You can read the review in its entirety here.

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