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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Notable Quote: B.M. Palmer

B.M. Palmer (1818 – 1902) on prayer . . .

Oh! The selfishness of the thought that restricts prayer to mere petition! Shall nothing drive us to God but the pressure of want! Shall we think of him only when we are hungry, and forget him when we are full? Must the sense of guilt be always required to sting us into the presence which we seek only to obtain the relief of pardon? Is there nothing attractive in the character of Jehovah himself to draw us with the power of a magnet?

Surely it is a dull heart which does not warm to the beauty which he discloses, and whose impulse is not to utter its joy in these ascriptions of adoration and praise. What can be a worthier use of the faculty of thought and feeling than to employ them in the worship of the august Creator? Or what nobler employment of the tongue, the glory of our frame, than to articulate his praise in the loftiest language which sanctified beings can inspire?

Jehovah may always be adored, for he is unchangeably worthy of the homage. This, therefore, is part of prayer independent of the shifting frames by which we are so often painfully embarrassed. Whatever our condition—whether filled with peace and believing, or mourning and darkness of soul—whether tender in penitence, or dull in the apprehension of sin—whether aching with ungratified desire or overflowing with gratitude for blessings bestowed—God is always before us in the fullness of his glory to challenge our worship.



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