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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Truth as Proof for God's Existence

Over at the Christian Theology blog, Doug Eaton posts a page out of Ronald Nash's book, Faith and Reason, explaining Gordon Clark's argument for the existence of God from truth. Here's how Doug kicks it off . . .

Gordon Clark being a presuppositionalist normally did not argue for the existence of God, but in this case he thought it was valuable. Taking his cue from Augustine, he developed this argument. This argument is also given by Alvin Plantinga in a slightly different way. The following is Ronald Nash’s explanation of Clark’s argument.

Clark’s account of the argument from truth utilizes six steps:

1. Truth Exists
2. Truth is immutable
3. Truth is eternal
4. Truth is mental
5. Truth is superior to the human mind
6. Truth is God
Click here for Ronald Nash's explanation of the six steps.

--The Catechizer



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