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Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Blog: The Broken Messenger

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Yesterday, I happened into a local “Christian” bookstore. It was all too typical: lots of trinkets, little substance. (I looked long-and-hard to find the “Theology” section. I finally found a few books—very few—under the heading “Finances.”) They had “gospel” tee shirts, bumper stickers, bubble gum, etc. But truly, how many of the store’s shoppers really know what the gospel is?

Protestants today have become overcome by Arminian theology, anti-creedalism, and anti-intellectualism. Because of this, most Protestants have no idea what the gospel is, hence the gospel boxer shorts.

It is within this vacuum that a misplaced political activism has grown. After losing the true message of the doing-and-dying of Christ, Christians are instead turning to moralism and legislation. Don’t get me wrong, we are to fulfill the Cultural Mandate and participate in our society, and that includes trying to further just and moral legislation. But it is not a replacement for the Great Commission, nor is an ungodly intermixing permissible.

The Broken Messenger

It is with delight that I ran across the blog, The Broken Messenger—a blog that features great theology and insightful commentary. Along the lines of what I was just writing is a post titled, Religious Right Hypocrisy. Here’s an excerpt:

In all this it seems that we have chosen the lesser, easier route. And we are completely hypocritical in several ways. First, we exalt politics over Christ. We have placed Kingdom work under civil work. Second, we work for the sake of morality, rather than performing the joyful work of faith for the sake of Jesus. We are perfectly content in having a Desperate Housewives Democracy (just stuff it down, put on a good front and keep all that evil in the bedroom of your heart) while giving the appearance of godliness while denying its power. Third, we carry a message that reveres a political party while remaining mute about the greatest Name under heaven. It’s all about the party, stupid. Making much of Jesus is thought to be best left to the preacher in the pulpit and that old peeling bumper sticker on the back of your Jetta.

You can read the rest here.



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