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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Notable Quote: R.A. Finlayson

R.A. Finlayson on conversion . . .

The two elements in conversion that make room for man’s cooperation are repentance and faith. These two acts cannot be regarded as separate and apart, for they go together: there is faith in all true repentance, and there is repentance in all true faith. Nor are repentance and faith to be regarded as merely exercised, once for all, in conversion: they are permanent elements in the conscious experience of the converted one.

The Holy Spirit ordinarily uses the Word to give repentance towards God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ. The four main centers of life affected by repentance and faith may be said to be the mind involving knowledge, the conscience involving conviction, the heart in involving feeling, and the will involving decision, and these four are exercised throughout the whole of the Christian’s life on earth.

Reformed Theological Writings

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