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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Notable Quote: James Buchanan

Scottish Presbyterian James Buchanan (1804 – 1870) on the power of the gospel to quench the law’s flames …

If [one’s] conscience has really been quickened by the power of God’s Word and Spirit, it cannot be pacified buy by the simple faith of Christ. The power of God’s law is such that nothing else can meet it but the power of Christ’s Gospel. A sense of God’s wrath in the conscience can only be allayed by a view of God’s reconciliation in the cross. Man’s inventions, man’s instrumentality, man’s authority, are nothing in such a case, and have no power; they may palliate, but they cannot cure the agony of a wounded spirit, —they may perplex, they cannot pacify a troubled conscience. None but CHRIST, beheld by the eye of faith, in the glory of his divine majesty, the tenderness of his human sympathies, the fullness of his gospel offices, the perfection of his finished work, the efficacy of his one atonement and constant intercession, the greatness of his Almighty power, and the riches and freeness of his grace. None but CHRIST, and Christ without any other, can bind up the broken-hearted, and give liberty to the captive soul.

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Blogger Eddie Eddings said...

Great quote! None but Christ!

8:40 PM  
Blogger The Wittenberg Door said...

You said it, Eddie!


1:49 PM  

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